Feed Fannin Bequest Policy

Write your own legacy & help feed the future!

Remember Feed Fannin in your estate planning and help us sustain our mission of feeding the hungry in Fannin County.  Your gift will enable us to continue to grow food in our gardens and remain the primary supporter of the Food  Pantry at Family Connection.  Your generous support will be put to good use by our all-volunteer organization.  Here is how it works:
  1. Include bequest language in your will directing funds to Feed Fannin*. Sample language is listed below.
  2. Communicate your decision to your heirs and the executor of your will.
  3. If you choose, tell Feed Fannin of your intended gift.
  4. We will acknowledge your anonymous gift in our publications!
Don’t have a will? Whether or not you have a will, you can still help Feed Fannin by making it the named beneficiary of an Individual Retirement Account, an insurance policy, a commercial annuity, or a retirement plan. We are grateful for your help and support! Sample Language to include in your will: “One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) [or other amount] shall be distributed to Feed Fannin, Inc., Blue Ridge, Georgia, if such organization is a charitable organization described in section 170(c), 2055(a) and 2522(a) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, including any successor provisions, to be used for such purposes as the governing body of said organization determines.” *Feed Fannin is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, and we will be happy to provide you a copy of our IRS determination letter. To contact us: feedfannin@gmail.com  or call 706-946-1001 and leave a message or send mail to Feed Fannin, PO Box 1085, Blue Ridge, GA 30513

Frequently Asked Questions

 How difficult is it to make a bequest to Feed Fannin? It is easy.  Simply add language to your current will.  Sample language is listed above. We suggest you work with your attorney to ensure the bequest reflects your wishes.  We also encourage you to communicate your intentions to the executor of your estate.  If you choose, we would like to know of your intended bequest to Feed Fannin. Or, whether or not you have a will, you can still help Feed Fannin by naming it the beneficiary of an Individual Retirement Account, insurance policy, commercial annuity, or a retirement plan. What if something changes and I need to cancel my bequest? If your situation changes and you need to cancel your bequest simply remove the bequest language  from your will.  Or, instead of leaving a specific dollar amount, make the bequest a percentage of the remainder of your estate after other directives and obligations are paid out.  Your attorney can help make this happen.  You may also wish to inform the executor of your estate of the change.  When is the right time to make a bequest?  The best time is whenever you make the decision to make the bequest. It  can be made years or decades ahead.  Your attorney can help ensure that your intentions are accurately reflected in your bequest.    What is Feed Fannin? Contact Us Our Garden Donate Board of Directors