Feed Fannin Board of Directors


Feed Fannin relies on our highly active group of members and directors.   Feel free to contact any one of them for more information about Feed Fannin.

Board of Directors

  • Barbara Ferer
  • Connie Galloway
  • Jane Kimzey
  • Kathy Corey
  • Ken Banwart
  • Lucy D’Amico
  • Priscilla Cashman
  • Catherine Sugg
  • Kathy Beck
  • Kim King
  • Phyllis Stewart
  • Jim Stewart
  • Tammy Scalia
  • Sheila Wofsey
  • Zora Ugolini Herr
  • Rob Mishler
  • Jeff DePaola
  • Carol Martel


  • Connie Galloway, Chair
  • Tammy Scalia, Vice-Chair Operations
  • Priscilla Cashman, Vice-Chair
  • Kathy Corey, Secretary
  • Anna Speessen, Treasurer

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