What is Feed Fannin?

Founded in 2009, Feed Fannin is a volunteer organization working together to educate and encourage our community towards self-sufficiency while providing food for those in need. We are committed to eliminating hunger in Fannin County and the Copper Basin.

Key Activities

Our diverse group of volunteers apply their time and energy to help Feed Fannin through programs such as: Community Garden – We manage Community Gardens, located on Ada Street in Blue Ridge and at other sites in Fannin County, that provide space for local residents to grow fruits and vegetables.  Our members work in the gardens to provide over 10,000 pounds of fresh produce to the Family Connection Food Pantry. Food Pantry – We support the Food Pantry that is part of the Family Connection by providing volunteer workers, food, and money to mitigate the costs of feeding the hungry in Fannin County.  For more information on the Food Pantry, contact the Family Connection at 706-632-6063.  Food Pantry web site is http://fannin.gafcp.org/ Education Classes – We provide information, education, and training to those who want to learn to be more self-sufficient in growing, preserving, and preparing their own food. Fund Raising  – We sponsor several fund raising events throughout the year that provide the money needed to support our activities. Join us at: Bowls of Hope, Arts in the Park, and Light up Blue Ridge.  For more information on our fund raising, contact us at feedfannin@gmail.com  or call 706-946-1001 and leave a message or send us mail at Feed Fannin, PO Box 1085, Blue Ridge, GA 30513 

Partners and Sponsors

As an entirely volunteer organization, we work with many community organizations and businesses that help us achieve success.  These include:
  • Partners that provide on-going or continuous support for our year-round programs and events.
  • Sponsors that provide support for specific events, programs, and activities.
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